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4STEPS is complete, FabLab is ready for young innovators!

On the last day of March 2022, the 4STEPS project officially ended. Our project may be over, but the DEXIC FabLab is here to stay and will be available for all young teams, start-ups and SMEs and their innovations.

Digital transformation of companies - meet the partners for I4.0

We have an event coming up on the 30th of March focusing on the digitalisation of businesses to help you adopt smart technology, get involved and kick-start change! 

SMEs are learning how to work with CNC

To support the digitalisation of the region, we have launched our program to educate companies not only from the Liberec region.

Summer workshops for SMEs, or we start with 3D printing

On June 29, 2021 and September 14, 2021, we organized 2 workshops, which were attended by a total of 16 employees from 4 different companies.

3D Printing in Schools, Twice Different!

At the end of the school year, we held two workshops that showed students and teachers what 3D printing offers for them and their schools.

Basics of 3D printing for your company!

Are you a Startup or a company that wants to start with 3D printing? We have prepared a workshop just for you, which will help you start working with this technology.

Transnational Maturity Level Index evaluates the level of innovation of mapped companies within the 4STEPS project

We have measured the readiness of companies for their digital transformation. Transnational Maturity Level is an index based on the mapping of companies from the Czech Republic, but also in other European regions, 

Preparedness of SMEs for digital transformation

The 4 STEPS project which focuses on Industry 4.0's as a challenge tool for a new, digital industrial revolution, now delivering first exciting results. Some time has passed since the launch of the 4STEPS project, and we are currently completing the mapping of SMEs.

The development of research and innovation was discussed in Liberec. And we were there

We presented the 4STEPS project at the RIS3 Forum. The conference was organized by the Liberec Region and its aim was to motivate companies and other subjects to research and innovate.

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