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HoCare 2.0

Health and social care innovators meeting number 2

In cooperation with UJEP and ICUK, we held another meeting of stakeholders who are working together to improve home care in the Czech Republic.

HoCare continues and we have new outputs!

The HoCare partners have been given the opportunity to extend the project and prepare an update of the regional social care mappings in their regions

Co-creation in homecare - a good match?

Co-creation is a promising method to tackle aging society and and lack of professional carers. 20 SMEs and Public service providers in 6 European countries took part in the HoCare2.0 project and tested the co-creation method in development of their own products and services. 

The Open HoCare2.0 International Conference is over and the project is coming to an end, but we're moving on!

The final open trans-regional public conference HoCare2.0 organised by our Czech partners of the project took place on 15 June and is now successfully over. The event which took place virtually focused on presenting practical examples and approaches of co-creation and open innovation demonstrated in pilot tests from 6 countries. We engaged 20 SMEs and public service providers in the development of innovative products and services for home care.

"Open HoCare2.0" Transregional Public Conference

HoCare 2.0  is going to its finish. On 15th June we meet virtually for Closing Open HoCare 2.0 Transregional Public Conference.  

Do seniors cope with innovative technology?

Seniors and technology - two incompatible worlds. That seems to be the generally accepted idea. Is it really right? 


What are the current new products and innovation in professional social care?

HoCare 2.0, HoCare extension and DEX IC connects experts from the branch of social works who lead, care about and bring innovation. Below you can read the story from the meeting of these professionals. 

Making senior homecare easier

What do seniors in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic have in common? They find themselves in a digitally driven environment which is complex and often difficult to handle also for family members and carers. How can they be helped? How can home care be made easier for all?

Co-creation proces in the private and public sector

We are preparing a meeting on 22 March for all those interested in innovative solutions in the field of health and social care. Be there and meet the pioneers in innovation among public institutions as well as entrepreneurs. 

How does the co-creation process work?

At the turn of March and April, we are preparing an online event that will help SMEs and care providers understand how the co-creation process works.

We are developing a new facility in cooperation with Mediware

With the help of senior companies, we try to create products that will be useful and user-friendly for them thanks to their own feedback.

We are developing a new facility in cooperation with Oscar Senior

With the help of senior companies, we try to create products that will be useful and user-friendly for them thanks to their own feedback.

The process of developing devices to facilitate independence for seniors in their homes continues successfully.

As part of the HoCare 2.0 project, we continue to collaborate on the development of applications from Oscar Senior and Mediware, with the key activity in this development being the involvement of seniors in the design of the solutions themselves.

Mediware and Oscar Senior setting out with us on a journey to create new products through a process of co-creation!

In the HoCare 2.0 project, we get to its most interesting part. In an open call for small and medium-sized businesses, we have selected the two best ideas from companies Mediware and Oscar Senior to start the development of new products in collaboration with Czech Co-creation Lab and a group of seniors.

Startups and SMEs have the opportunity to create new products using co-creation approach - register and be one of the selected companies!

We are looking for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that will be involved in the creation of new products using the method of co-creation. During this process, companies will focus on developing digital innovations in home care. You can apply for the open call until 30 September 2020 and participation is completely free of charge!

SMEs have a unique chance to get support in product development

The European population is ageing and pressure on carers is increasing. It brings the need to use innovative digital products widely used by seniors and carers. HoCare2.0 project offers SMEs to join pilot testing and get guidance in co-creation approach when developing their new products. Currently, there is an open call that SMEs can join for free. 

Development of innovative home care products and services with SME and Policy Tools

Did you know that by 2060, every third European will be older than 65 years? It makes the “Silver Economy” one of the fastest-growing economic domains. Because many solutions for the elderly are digital-based and not well accepted, there is a growing need to involve them in the product design process. This will ensure that the product/service is designed for seniors’ needs and they will use it.

HoCare impacted home care R&I potential in EU and the Czech Republic

The international project HoCare, which idea and financing came thanks to DEX Innovation Centre, has impacted research and innovation potential in home care both on transnational as well as local levels, including the Czech Republic.

Co-creation Lab in the Czech Republic successfully established!

Representatives of companies, public administration, universities and research institutions and organizations providing social care have met all together in Prague. They discussed common problems and further cooperation in the HoCare2.0 project. These participants will be part of the Co-creation Lab in the Czech Republic.

HoCare results presented during final communication policy event in Nicosia

The Interreg Europe HoCare project’s Final event was successfully organized in Nicosia, Cyprus on Thursday, 3 October 2019. The event, under the title “HoCare High Level Political Dissemination Event” was under the aegis of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Constantinos Ioannou. In the first part, welcoming speeches were made by Mr. Christos Pittaras, ANEL’s President and Mayor of Latsia, Mrs. Constantia Constantinou representing the Directorate General for European Programs, Coordination and Development, Mr. Ierotheos Papadopoulos, Head of the Representation of the European Commission in Cyprus and Mr. Andreas Xenofontos, Director of the Nursing Services of the Ministry of Health (on behalf of the Minister).

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